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Military Matters

Welcome to Military Matters, a podcast from Stars and Stripes. Listen as host Rod Rodriguez explores the topics that matter to service members, veterans, and the people who support them.

Jun 23, 2022

Michael Froede was a US Army Human Intelligence (HUMINT) collector working in clandestine special operations programs. After struggling with hallucinations and depression related to PTSD and TBIs, he jumped to his death from a parking garage. His death has left many unanswered questions for his mother, who...

Jun 16, 2022

Rod Rodriguez and Jack Murphy discuss the war in Ukraine, how a former SOF Commander is making a difference, and what the presence of contractors in a war against Russia could mean for us all.

Jun 9, 2022

Why is the former Deputy Commander of Special Operations Central (SOCCENT) in Ukraine?

Jack Murphy brings us an incredible interview with Col. (R) Andrew Milburn about why he decided to join the fight and how his company The Mozart Group is helping "build sustainable capacity in the Ukrainian military and territorial...

Jun 2, 2022

Rose Thayer and Rod Rodriguez discuss last week's episode about the insane corruption that is military housing. We talk about the lethargy some folks feel about this topic, a 'strongly worded letter' to the SECDEF, and how many homes could the government have purchased for the price of a general's home in Austin...